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Used Cars for Sale in Sylacauga 

If you're looking for a new Toyota, look no further - we regularly receive all types of models of Toyota cars, trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles on our huge dealership lot. Even if you recently visited our dealership to look for used Toyotas, it's likely that the majority of our pre-owned inventory will have changed since then - what do you have to lose other than the risk of driving away in an affordable, safe, stylish vehicle? 

Benefits of Buying Used Cars 

The very moment brand-new vehicles are driven off of their respective dealership lots, they lose a substantial amount of value. After just one year of driving a vehicle you that was purchased new, some sources indicate that an average of 20 percent of that vehicle's fair market resale value fades away. Further, most vehicles lose roughly three-fifths - 60 percent - of their original sticker tag value in only five years of ownership. 

Automotive insurance is required in almost the entirety of the United States. The states that currently do not require cars, trucks, and other vehicles running on their respective roadways to show proof of valid insurance, Virginia, New Hampshire, and Mississippi. Alternatives to having car insurance in these three states are paying a relatively hefty uninsured motor vehicle fee to the state of Virginia or posting cash bonds in the event that they get into serious accidents. As you know all too well, monthly car insurance premiums are much higher for new or newer vehicles than the monthly premiums to protect reasonably priced used cars are. Opting for a used motor vehicle will help you fork over less money in insurance premiums every month to whatever company that provides your automotive insurance coverage plans. 

Every state requires its residents to pay sales taxes on vehicles they purchase within their borders. The only way to get out of paying incredibly high annual registration fees to your state's respective government agency is to look for used cars that fit your wants and needs and scooping one of them up instead of blowing many more thousands of dollars on luxury-like new cars. 

Quality Used Cars 

At Vaden Toyota of Sylacauga, we consistently fulfill our dealership-wide promise to provide our customers with pre-owned vehicles that have warranties just as powerful as the warranties on their brand-new counterparts. Further, our service team conducts an extensive, thorough inspection of all pre-owned vehicles that are brought onto our lot by our suppliers. If the vehicles pass the rigorous inspections, they make it out onto our lot of used Toyota rides. If they fail to pass those painstakingly-long inspections, the preowned rides are given directly back to our suppliers. We make sure that our customers stay safe on the road even if they pick up a vehicle towards the older end of our selection. 

Unlike many bottom-tier dealerships, we set a limit on how old our pre-owned vehicles can be. This way, we are able to smooth the costs of our dealership-wide warranty on every single pre-owned car, truck, and SUV on the lot because very few of our used Toyota vehicles actually end up needing major repairs or services from malfunctions seemingly caused by old age.

Vaden Toyota of Sylacauga
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*All prices exclude tax, tag, title and registration and $599 Dealer documentation fee.