Keep Your Skin Healthy All Winter

December 13th, 2021 by

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We’re getting into the thick of winter, which means it’s time to start thinking about how you can protect your skin and keep it healthy. Winters can be harsh on your complexion, especially if you live in a dry place or if you’re someone who only moisturizes in the warmer months. Try these simple tips and tricks to keep your skin looking healthy, vibrant, smooth, and hydrated all winter long!

Humidifiers Are Worth the Investment

Do you have dry skin? It may surprise you to learn that one of the leading causes is the drop of moisture in the air during winter. The combination of high heat and dry air can worsen an already bad situation. Use a humidifier in your bedroom, home office, or the room where you spend the most time. By doing so, moisture will be reintroduced into the surrounding environment, allowing your skin to retain its hydration and remain healthy.

Moisturize Your Hands with Hand Cream

Naturally, people wash their hands more during cold and flu season. But with the recent pandemic crisis, we’re washing our hands and sanitizing three times as much as usual. Use a thick, cream-based moisturizer and say goodbye to dry, flaky skin this winter!

Sunscreen is Essential

You might think you don’t need sunscreen now that the days are getting shorter and it’s not as hot outside. Even in the winter, the sun can cause harm. Your skin can absorb more harmful UV rays in the colder months, especially if there’s snow for light to reflect. Don’t forget to wear SPF all year, especially on your face.

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Drink Plenty of Water

Want your skin to stay moisturized in the winter? Hydrate! Daily water intake slows down in the cold winter months, but it is integral to keeping your skin hydrated. Make sure to always have a water bottle available so that you can remind yourself to hydrate. If you don’t care for water, try drinking hot tea to soothe, warm, and hydrate yourself.

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